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The hurdles against Peter Obi’s take back Nigeria agenda

The hurdles against Peter Obi’s take back Nigeria agenda

Peter Obi’s name will be remembered as one of the new beginnings of a peaceful revolution in Nigeria. His alliance with the Labour Party and the momentum generated by the ‘Obedient Movement’ had created a glimpse of hope in the thick darkness of Nigeria. There is the hope of people taking over the country from the political cabal that had kidnapped the souls of Nigeria since independence.

Nigerians need to be liberated from the few people united in enriching themselves to the detriments of the larger populace through the instrumentality of power and corruption. Take, for example, the northern cabals are always craving control of Nigeria. The cabals that ruled the north and Nigeria had even destroyed the northerners more than anyone else. Since its inception, they have enslaved the people with their focus on religious education and ways of life rather than civilisation and development. They were called leaders but had no ideas for transforming their people and society. They have enslaved their people’s minds, unlike those who had led Dubai and Turkey, despite practising the same religion.

Peter Obi is not a saint. He is part of the old order of people we should not be eulogising. I recently saw his picture with Ojukwu. I wonder if Ojukwu had done anything meaningful to be remembered for except leading his people to war and refusing to be the hero. The heroes are the people who died fighting for an equal and just Nigeria, which we have not had since their demise. Obi is one of the products of the dirty society of power and corruption.

He is, however, a better of the devils with fewer sins to be counted. If anyone doubts my submission, we should ask Peter Obi to tell us if any of his businesses had not used his position and influence to get an undue advantage. An undue advantage could be a privileged allocation of foreign exchange at a discounted rate for importing goods later sold for profits. Hardly will you find those we eulogise as the saviours of the masses and with close romance with power with a clean hand. There is no beautiful one among them.

Obi is one of the products of the dirty society of power and corruption. He is, however, a better of the devils with fewer sins to be counted

Peter is a saint when compared with others. His acceptance is based on a presumed simple, less flamboyant life with the public fund like others. He had comported himself well, and we should give credit to his parents, or whosoever had been involved in his upbringing. No doubt, he is the best of character among many. However, he had not done anything marvellous with the power he had as the governor of a state. We have not had about how Peter did magic in Anambra State, the prowess of which could be so convincing for us to be convinced that he is the messiah. Not even to the tune of half of what is being attributed to Bola Ahmed and better than Atiku, who had not governed a local government in the past.

Peter Obi’s candidacy and the presidency could be meaningful for Nigerians. He had shown the tenacity of purpose and desire to take back the country from the die-hard politicians who are in the employment of impoverishing the people. Will they allow him to do that? Would the existing structure of religious slavery, brainwashing and political manipulation enable a candidate with ideals to succeed?

Atiku Abubakar said it. Most of the voters from the north will not vote for Peter Obi because they are not on social media. Not only are they not tech-savvy, but the system has also enslaved them, except for a few. They have been denied the right level and quality of education required to think and act independently like their southern counterparts clamouring for Peter Obi. Their minds are not enlightened enough to differentiate between what will benefit them and the direction money, religion, and positions dictate for them.

They are in the 21st Century but living in the 16th Century due to a deliberate hypnotisation by their leaders. Until recently, these people are yes people and will dance to the tune of the supreme leaders. Now, they have taken to banditry and kidnapping as revenge. No one, including the traditional and religious leaders, is safe.

The first hurdle against taking back Nigeria from the jaw-claw of the impoverishing political cabals in the south, north, west, and east of Nigeria is the supposedly large number of uneducated population and voters in the north. They are large in number, ready to be used and cannot discern the need for a change outside voting on religion and ethnicity. Take it or leave it.

The votes from the underaged voters, double registered voters, and other desperate gimmicks to maintain the existing order will likely lead to a ‘disobedience’ outcome for the Obedient Movement. However, as a governor alluded, Peter Obi’s attempt is welcomed and a testament that Nigerians are tired of the old folks in power.

The second hurdle against Peter Obi is the desperation of the north to retain power even when such had set Nigeria backward. They believe that the welfare of their people and relevance for positions are predicated on being the number one citizen and will never allow merit to prevail. Check Buhari’s lopsided appointments, federal character, and quota systems if you have a doubt. Many people with brilliant ideas and capacity had been side-lined in favour of their less qualified counterparts due to their origin or the religion they practised.

That is the Nigeria our founding fathers created or allowed. This challenge is linked to the deliberate decision to procreate populations that add no but voting value to society. I wonder what China would have looked like if its huge population were uneducated and less productive.

Ours is a significant population with political advantages during election time. The game is changing with insecurity. It is likely to get to a state where the names of the politicians indicate enemies to be publicly attacked and assaulted. Ask me who values the names of our founding fathers except for their protegees who are still in power and have been enriched by their past affiliations.

Peter Obi’s outcome in the election will likely teach the southern people a lesson they have refused to learn. Peter and our new Abraham, Bola Tinubu, will share the votes in the south. Atiku being a southerner by marriages and past business deals, will trail behind them. However, with her large voters, the north will likely vote for Atiku, except the APC governors are sincere with their equity drive to have power in the south.

No matter, there is only one game changer, which will take years to manifest. The game changer is for the population in the north to be educated beyond their religion and be able to make independent decisions. Until they are released from the ignorance camp, the use of violence as a tool of expression, killing people for blasphemy and other harmful vices, including the recent kidnapping, will not stop.

Nigeria needs a president to liberate all her people from the slavery of mind our past leaders have put us into. Whether it is time to have someone who is not an offshoot of the old folks is a question begging to be answered in 2023.

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