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Why you need to eat bitter leaf soup and How to cook it.

Why you need to eat bitter leaf soup and How to cook it.

Bitter-leaf is one of the very popular soup leaves in Nigeria. Its known by many and prepared in so many ways and types of soup depending on the region or tribe. Its known for its numerous and authentic health benefits with lots of testimonials. Some of its benefits includes but not limited to: Aiding Weight Loss. The components in bitter leaf makes it a great therapy for burning off that extra fat you have been looking at getting rid of. It reduces Cancer Risks. It Lowers High Blood Pressure. It aids In The Treatment Of Abdominal Issues. and Enhances Fertility.

BUT a lot of people don’t actually know how to cook it properly. The major nutrient in bitter-leaf is the bitterness actually. That bitter taste/nutrient in it is what makes all the difference. If you can have the juice in its bitter state, why cant you have a BITTER-LEAF SOUP. Its soup is SUPPOSED to be relatively bitter. YES!!!.

To make your soup, here are your basic ingredients:

Your bitter leaf washed, wash it at least twice. To wash it, you have to squeeze and crush the leaves initially with a little amount of water, some people add salt or palm oil to reduce the foamy effect, but i say NO! As you squeeze and its foamy add more water to cushion it. when the foam becomes enormous, rinse it and wash again. Remember, there must be a bitter effect for your bitter-leaf soup to have effect. When you are done washing, set it aside in a sieve and allow it to drain excess water from there. Alternatively, buy your already washed or dried bitter-leaf from the market.

Salt, Stock, Protein, Palm Oil, pepper, egusi or ogbonor.


Boil your choice of protein with little water, when cooked, add your palm oil and stock and pepper. Bring all to simmer/cook for about 10 minutes, then add your egusi or ogbonor and stir very well. Leave to cook for at least 5-8minutes. then add your bitterleaf. Salt to taste and serve with your swallow.

For a complete healthy meal, you can use the Mushroom-Ginger Fufu. Easy to make and available via this website shopping page.


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